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why AdSense Payments delay November 2018

 Why AdSense payment delay?  November 2018 

Hello friends how are you all hope everyone is very much better if you have an adsense account or you can have a youtube and any blogger or you have a web site
Those who do not receive Adsense payment mail after Vessel in 2018 on November 21, they hope to find the solution

Many people may be living in the hope of looking at Adsense or when you receive a mail and cut your money and you will pay them back to your bank account or wait for some of the marketing or maybe many families to have a family

You can know why the adsense mail did not get the mail after 21st of November 2018 because this is the official technically issue of Adsense.
However, we all know that there are accounts in the account after the date 21 after the mail, we may receive payment within two to three days or within 5 days, maybe many may have such a hope

I have talked with my Adsense Support Team, they said it's a technicall problem who has not received mail yet or you have not been charged any money from your account. You must be getting mail very fast
But this is not a concern. You will continue to work and get the payment because your money is never
However, if you have any other problem with Adsense, you will be able to comment. I will try to help you all the time with you technical Mamun


  1. bai a ami youtube teke bangla subtitle dekte pacci na, karon youtube setting a subtitle leka ase na


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