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Android Secret Video Recorder new Tricks

Android Secret Background video recorder

Everybody wants to do some secret things in every person. They want to keep some proofs with themselves. If you do any video or photographs on your mobile phone in front of the standard people will know everybody around you. Today I will teach you a great trick. If thousands of people can easily make a video of the crowd and anyone can take photos in secret, nobody can understand The camera on the mobile phone is on and when you do your video,

your mobile screen will be off the light, no one will be able to understand that the recording of the video with the camera on your mobile is only known to you that it will not believe in the complete secret tricks and can record videos of any place on your mobile No one can understand that seeing your video is being recorded on your mobile Syai you click on this link to download the application to take applications. After downloading the application, if a permissions wants to clear the permissions, each of these options will come in here,

you will see some of the options, you will see the options of the fish and click on your record will start when your video camera is turned on the notification on your mobile Because the camera on your mobile will not be there. The screen on the mobile screen will be off, but the video will be recorded on the screen of your mobile screen, where the video is recorded at the end of the video,

where you can get the check in your mobile gallery and enter the application and click on the three line menu click on the freeland menu can see the gallery will get an option click here Hopefully you'll get video records here If there's any ujhate could then take a look at the video. Seeing that video, you will learn the whole process and can easily hide any of the scenes in any of the scenes.

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