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Girlfriend Call Tricks Secret

the Secret Tricks For Girlfriend Mobile call control

Everybody wants their boyfriend's mobile phone calls only boyfriend. Today I will teach you a great trick if you have a girlfriend or a Wife if they can easily control their mobile phones using Android mobile phones. Due to the fact that they are using your mobile phone or a mobile phone Your wife will see the phone number from the number of times.

Or you have not been able to secretly call from somewhere. Whenever you ask him on his mobile phone, he will never answer. Do not talk to anyone if you talk to someone. If you do this, then you do not have the power of anyone else on your mobile phone without your phone or your wife Calling your girlfriend on mobile, no one else's calls except your call will not enter their mobile phone but only You have to install a small application for how to install the application.

Clicking on this link will download the application by clicking on the link. The name of the application is Call Blocker 1 million download user. For many popular applications call block, when you install the application and open it. If you want any permissions after the application is open, then each permissions will be able to clear it. You will have to wait a while while the first page is coming, after waiting, you will see a text in the list, click the whitelist this whitelist. So there will be a text link to this addcontact. You save a number to save this number. Save the number.

Only the number from which the phone arrives. Save the number here on this mobile phone. No mobile phone calls except this number will not enter this mobile phone if your mobile phone is on your girlfriend Do not worry about your phone or your wife, and do not worry about anything other than your phone No phone will enter, but it will keep you secret with it completely, you will never be able to do this thing silently. He will never understand that if you have any problems in your mobile, then watch the video and watch the video link I will give it to you. Completely learn the gender of mobile phone tricks and tips<

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