The Best Top Launcher Android Easy to Customize Apps 2019

All those who use Android mobile phones may want to keep their Android mobile phones pretty good and if anyone sees them, if you have a team set up on your mobile, then everyone will be surprised that your mobile will be very nice. Today I'm talking about a launch. If you use this launcher on your mobile, then someone will be surprised to see this launcher on your mobile You may not have seen such a launch till now. I will show you a launch today.

•Customizing your lunch and will be a lot better. If you see your friends on your Android smart phone, you will want to take this application from your friends. Apps will be installed, I will give the link below to all of these apps, and I'll give you all the below You can download this launcher by clicking on it. When the download is complete, then you will see a video after opening it will give you a couple of seconds to give it a lot of videos. After the viewing of this feature, you will have a touch on the mobile screen and then you will see a lot of options. You can see the show at the top of the show can be easily set up from here, your mobile alarm And if you want to do it, you can click on the dark remover or click on it.

•You can use it here or there is no problem. If you use this launcher, then you will see an option after opening the application. You can click on Lasso Mode Layer Then here you can see six options. From the Home screen click on an application to get Home Pay After leaving click on any one of the pages, click on option and then you will touch the screen on your mobile round and after the end of the application after the application that you first marked the application will be left over after leaving the application to click again click on the click You can see here in the Create Folder After opening it, click on the three-button option,

•after doing what every application will show. Select one of the applications from here. Here you will find all the options. You can see all the options. Click on the Lesson option and choose from each of these customized slide bar Sliding If you have any problem understanding I will give video link to click on this video link

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