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How to Back Delete Photo & Video New Tricks

How to Recovery Delete Picture Video Tricks 2019

If you use Android mobile phones, many people have important photo video deleted from the phone or you forget to delete, but when you delete, you might want to bring these back to your personal photo videos later but there is no other way.

Today, I will show you how to get your deleted photos back to your photos. If you have any Imprit Photos, you can easily get them back. If you delete all the photos you have deleted from your mobile, then you have to install an application for this. The application will provide a download link below all this application by clicking on the link. Download the Dumpster Recovery My Photo And Video application,

 you can open it first Click to show Me How 2 Step Swipe Left Side then click on I agree Then click on to go to Allow Now click to there Line Menu Here Options Deep Scan Recovery Click on and Just wait a few minutes and all the delete picture and video Choose your delete favorite picture and video After the Select, you will see an option on the top of the share icon

click on this share icon, then the photo video of each of them goes on. If your old video photos are deleted and can be easily restored with audio in your mobile gallery, then your mobile gallery

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