Android Phone Catch Unlocker Person & Get Picture

If your phone is locked, someone will want to unlock your phone and leave your phone somewhere in the house. For those who want to have your phone in your home, if you want to unlock your phone, if you want your phone lock to be unlocked if someone tries to unlock it. And you will find that your phone will try to unlock the lock and you can easily find out that your phone With the help of his photo to unlock, save on your mobile and how many times you try to unlock the phone, you can see all the time on your mobile and everybody wants their phone to be safe.

Today, I will show you a tricks that if someone unlocks the phone their photo gets up You can find out if your mobile is stolen by your mobile and unlocked your mobile phone How many times have you tried to send a mail to your friend, with his photos, friends have to install an application for him. The third eye link will be given to me by clicking below. You can download this application and download the application and complete it. If you want to take permission from the Play Store, then if you want a permit there, then at every permissions If you open the first page of the application, click on the arrow icon of an arrow icon.

click on the arrow icon, then click on the arrow icon again to give a permit. Click on the arrow icon again. Click on the arrow icon again for the fourth time and click on the arrow icon again. Just press OK, after pressing Ok, you can see here activate written by clicking here After clicking tweeted an option will be available to the apps. Next Step will get two options: General photo lock will get two options. Click on the number below to unlock the attempt.

If you try to call your phone one or two times, Save as long as the Triage will be photographed on your mobile. You can click on the photo logo to see how many photos are taken. Each photo will show here that your phone tried to unlock. Friends, if you like today, if you like it, please like to comment. How do we always see updates on this page? If you have any problems understanding the new tricks, watch the video well and also Easily activate your mobile phone.

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