Android Volume Up & Down Key Secret App Locke 2019

•We all know that there are volume buttons on Android mobile, there is also some secret tricks to increase the volume and reduce the amount of work you do but you still do not know. Learning the secret of mobile volume buttons. If you know this, no one will be able to put your hands on your Android mobile phone, and if you forget your mobile home, go away somewhere or if you keep it around you can open an application on your mobile handset • Not all applications will be locked, but no apps will be able to download any YouTube app, WhatsApp, your non If you do not know how to do this volume button tricks you will learn today's tricks. You can use today's tricks. In the end of the day you will need to install an application for your friend. If you want to activate this volume button tricks, I will give a download link. You can install this application by clicking on the link. Oops App on your mobile phone s Lock Download, if the application is complete, then open it first, then after opening.

•you swag to the left, see if you want to give permissions to each permit, then you can see an option below everything. The above four options will show that if your phone volume is locked through two clicks with the key If you spend two Select if you want t If you want to lock with three clicks, then click on three clicks, if you want to lock with four clicks, click on it four times. Here you can choose one of the two options. If you choose two options then after clicking on 2 you can turn off the volume of the mobile. To be double clicked,

 you have to triple this way. The person who is set to get the setting will have to answer a question. •When you are finished, after clicking on the setup, you will exit the application and after you exit, you will enter the application again after entering. When you click on the number of clicks to see the volume, then enter the application again. But the application will be Knote if you have a problem in your boss tell me I will reduce you If you can not see the replay of the video, if you do not see that any Android mobile volume can set up a tricks with the key up and down keys, no application will be installed and open any application will not stop all stops.


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