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How to Making IP Web CC Camera On Android

How To make IP web CC camera on Android 2019 new tricks

If you have two Android mobile phones, you can easily create two Web IP CC cameras with two Android phones. If you are abroad, you can see everything around your home in your home. You can see everything live with Android mobile phone. What is the purpose of making an Android mobile phone? Or your girlfriends give them some of your house You can also go directly to the internet with Android Mobile or the mobile phone that you want to see.

If you have internet on this mobile, you can see anywhere in the world, through the  Web IP CC camera, you will not be able to buy web ip CC cameras, many people will not buy old Android mobile Phone him with two Android phones The best way to make CC cameras is to install an application for your friends. How to install the application. I will give you a download link. Click on that link. You can download the cc camera application before downloading the application that you want to make a Web IP CC camera.

 The application will be downloaded in the middle of the mobile but then down After the application will go to the oda there is no permission to open one of the access permissions will elao. After all, click on the Start server and click on the Start server. After the camera is turned on the camera, on the top of the screen there is an option called the Corner Action.

After clicking on this option, click here, many options will come out here. Click here to copy the IP address and click on the clipboard after copying this IP address to any social media. Send Your Second Phone After sending this ID, you will be able to see the entire address of the mobile and then you can view it with the camera and record it from here. Flush lights can be able to live on the live video after leaving the mobile from anywhere Can You Take Picturet

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