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Many YouTuber Earning Lower Revenue 2019

In January 2019 YouTuber is so low Revenue why ? CPC 00.0

 if you are a YouTube user and you are a video creator, then you will get a solution today. January's income is not so low for what you are all worried about, if you have any channel The average view is either 50,000 or one lakh arcing is between 2 and 5 dollars. It is about 95 percent of the population now Mosaic is no more, many basic Youtube updates are updated every year, many things that do not publish, they always give updates, it is their own personal thing, in the new year there are many advertisements, which gives advertisements many thoughts when When you upload a content to a YouTube channel then match your content accordingly Depending on an ad show, you have to earn income from this ad and the main distance of your channel, depending on whether your video advertises comes to the top of your video, what kind of content is added

whether it is advertisement friendly friend or not, it is sometimes anatrical. You can see what type of ad is added on your content and if you have any control Adult will add the above ad according to your video and if the amount of add less comes in January you will feel that your income will be absolutely low. You can not blame anyone. It is a complete YouTube thing if you want to survive on YouTube, your rules You must obey the law. In the event that you are getting low on your earnings, those videos are very poor in your video, so maybe your income has decreased in January. And they have the rules of their community guideline that you have to agree that if you do anything outside of the comments

whether or not your YouTube channel is on the monitization, yet you will never add it to your channel. You never know that you can not see the video on your YouTube video. Ed is coming less and this kind of add-on is the video of your YouTube channel that will make your Avenues a bit like that. In YouTube's video upload case, you may find that you have never encountered this before, in the new year, 50000 or 80000 if you have an average of 5, 6 dollars or two if you have income, you can not do anything. It is totally YouTube anathetic. If you are new YouTube or if you are old YouTube, then you have no problem telling you

Call in the hope that you will try to solve this and if you have an overview of your channel's overview, you must tell me how much of the dollar in the number of views in your coverage, do not forget to comment the average and do not forget to write your channel's Aireeshiren mini It will write the original history of the channel and write down the content of your channel key content. What is loaded and what categories of videos upload or what channel your name will write everything, hope you can give a solution and why the view is low and Arning why January is about 92% people have lost this problem, but you have no Upload videos to YouTube First of all, think about what content is your video that you uploaded or your If the advertiser's get manitaijesana whether this video was friendly, and if you get more revenue

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