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Secret Android Background Video Recorder 2019

How to Record Secret Video Any Place The Best Tricks

The secret video can not be recorded anywhere. If you record a video with your Android mobile hands and take a video camera, you will not be able to record the video in the future. I will show you how you are at any place or at a wedding or How to record the secret video at any of the school's schools, you are secretly under 100 pounds of weight If you have a girlfriend

can easily record a secret video of your girlfriend or you want to record it easily. She will never understand that you are making her video. Your mobile phone screen will be off, but you can record any video. While locked, they have to keep some secret scenes in their mobile to save their mobile Most of us will see everybody recording the video on the other side or you are recording the video so that you can keep some proof that you can be rescued from danger any time, so friends will do it anywhere in front of anyone, nobody can understand it

The application will be installed by downloading the link I will click on this link and you can download the application. Download the app when you download and download the app and give it some permissions access. Each access will also be accessed. You can see the right side of the setting by clicking on this setting icon and clicking on it will show a lot of options here

Video Cameras Record the video with the camera or the front camera of the mobile The video can be recorded from here, you can select any camera as your advantage. Select below can see more options. Each option will give a link to the video. If you watch this video you will understand everything, how to access this application and how to set the settings You can make your mobile phone screen off, but there is no problem If you do not have a video recording on your mobile secretly these videos will be useful to you and a lot will be needed if you are in danger, hope to understand if there is any problem in the comments, then I will give you the reply of your comment

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