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Tarique will be brought back home in July

in July to bring back the fugitive convicted Tarique Rahman to London. 

•The Ministry of Foreign Affairs began working in July to bring back the fugitive convicted Tarique Rahman to London. The foreign ministry's strategy is that they want to end diplomatic negotiations with the UK Foreign Ministry in February. The signing of an agreement between the two countries is in the final stages. Prisoner exchange deal Where a country is punished, he is returned to that country. They want to complete the agreement in March-April. By July, Tareq wants to come to the country. The foreign ministry sources have said that Tarique can be brought back to Bangladesh by July. When contacted, the new government minister. AK Abdul Momen said,

•whatever needs to be done to bring Tarek back. We're all doing. Honorable Prime Minister's pledge to be brought back to such a punished person in Bangladesh. ' Awami League Government has been taking a lot of work on priority basis after taking new responsibilities. It has been ordered to make lists in different ministries on priority basis. The Foreign Ministry is considered to be one of the foremost issues of returning the fugitives along with Tarique Zia. The newly appointed Awami League Foreign Minister Mr. Abdul Momen said that all the criminals who fled abroad to avoid the punishment. It is a big challenge for our foreign ministry to bring them back to the country. He said that not only Tarek Zia is not. Those killed on August 15, they are fleeing in different countries.

•We used to operate at different times to bring them. But we could not succeed. Now we will be successful. ' Responsible sources of the foreign ministry say that BNP acting chairman Tarek Zia has been sentenced to life imprisonment in a case and sentenced to seven years in a case. He got political asylum in the United Kingdom. The government of Bangladesh was formally requested to return Tarique to the UK government in June last year. Tarek Zia, in response to this petition, said that he will be taken to the country and sentenced to death. That is why he is not interested in going to the country. In support of his statement, he handed over the information of the program to the British Home Department on 21st August of the grenade attack case. But in this case Tarek was not sentenced to death, he got life imprisonment. After the verdict of this case,

• the government again asked to return to the UK. A hearing began on December 19. Tarek's lawyer gave a written statement that the defense on the defense supported him. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina had pledged several times, when she came to power again, she will be punished by bringing the convicted warrant Tariq Zia back home. According to the conviction, several sources confirmed that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has started working after taking new responsibilities. The relevant sources say that the British High Commissioner in the UK is considering this as the first work on priority. But in Britain, there is a turbulent state of being out of the bauxite and the European Union. A close source of the Foreign Ministry said that if Britain's political situation is a little better, then they will talk about bringing back Tareq with the British government. A source from the Foreign Ministry said that Tariq can be brought back. And they have important documents and information for them. They think Britain is forced to return to Tarique Zia for 5 reasons: 1. Tarek Zia was convicted in a corruption case.

•There is no meaning beyond his known income. According to Britain's Anti Money Laundering Law, anyone who is economically opaque and financially corrupt does not have the right to political asylum. 2. Tarek Zia has links to various terrorism and militancy. According to Britain's law, their strict policy against militancy and terrorism Those who are involved in such militancy and terrorism. They are not sheltered in Britain. He was declared unwanted in Britain. 3. Tariq has conspired in Britain to create instability, sabotage and various acts of violence in one country. The Bangladesh government has such evidence. In view of this evidence, according to Britain's law, anyone from political asylum in the country wants to create violence or violence. Then the right to gain his political asylum becomes diminished. 4. Tarek Zia has been convicted in two cases.

•He has not been hanged even in one of the two cases. The Supreme Court's judgment is still pending for its execution. Therefore, in the interest of justice, he should cancel political asylum and return it to the government of Bangladesh. 5. The process of getting Tarique Zia's political asylum was done. In that process, Tarek Zia got political asylum with many false and incorrect information. Therefore, many officials of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs think that five arguments have been shown. If these arguments are properly presented to the UK government. Then Tarek Zia's return to the matter is only Just after the Foreign Minister got the responsibilities, Tarique has been meeting with several officials of the State Department to bring him back. There they defined the strategic process. They are targeting the target that Tarique is brought back to Bangladesh by July next year.

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