The Android Very Useful Tricks How to Share Mobile Screen Other Phones

All of you who use Android smart phones. Many people are in trouble with settings or many do not know many settings. The settings of Android mobile have no end. About 99 percent of the people do not know the settings. Today I will show you a setting. You will be surprised to see these settings. You can make settings of two mobile phones on the mobile if you have someone around you that mobile If you do not know in any settings, you can easily show the settings of your mobile with your mobile and teach you. You will not have to come close to him

 Do not show any mobile settings from far away and you can work on two mobile phones. If you watch a music video then a music video will play on that mobile phone that you have on your mobile Everything will do everything on that mobile. You can teach him any settings or show any settings. Many people will become unstable to learn these settings and you will be crazy to take the application from you. Friends need to install an application for you. You can download the application by clicking on the link below

 Open the app when you are downloading the app and after opening, you will take two mobile handset after taking two mobile handsets, two applications open in two mobile, after opening, the first page will be written, the above share will be written below Access the mobile with another mobile control To get the mobile you want to click on the Share option, after clicking on the Share option, here is a code Just enter the code number on the mobile, you can type it after entering the number, click on Access Access, after clicking on access

 you will be able to connect automatically. You can voice chat here, loud speaker will be connected to your mobile phone when connecting to a mobile Hope your work on the screen will work automatically on other mobile screens, hope to know if I If you like it today, please rate it. If you like it, please do not forget to comment and do not forget to comment. If you want to learn about Android, you can regularly visit our website, visit our website regularly, and learn many things. Unique tricks And tips

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