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Drowning Invisible XX-SS gesture Screen Lock Android device

Android Drowning Invisible XX-SS gesture Lock screen new 2019

Many types of lock may be used for your mobile but there are some such lockers for the Android mobile phone, so far 90 percent of the people do not know and if this person has settings on your mobile, no one can unlock your phone, just draw your mobile screen. You can save and save with any text between these two words xx and ss and your mobile If this person tries to open a person's photo, then you can see that on your mobile you can see who tried to unlock the lock of your mobile very easily and this hacked android lock one lock on your mobile if you use it nobody will understand that your phone If you want to use this person,
you have to do first what you have to do You have to install an application that will be installed by applying the link below. You will download this application by clicking on it. In the first case when you download and open the application, after opening, swipe the screen on the left of the screen, you can not see any text in the mobile screen, empty blank Here you have to draw a number with which to write If you want to keep the phone locked here xx will be created by typing xx for your mobile and write ss will be blocked by this number twice to write a number after typing or swipe to enter here and click on the annabelle notification After the application will show the option, let's go back and you can see a text,
click on the gate start and click Many options will show up after the first option. From here you will be given a mark by clicking on Invisible gesture. Click here to see more options below. After clicking on your cellphone intruder please turn on the option because try to unlock your mobile lock If his photo gets up and you will see the following options: intruder email with a gmail id and press OK You will be redirected to the photo of your photo and if you have any problems understanding the video, by clicking below you will see this video. You can see this video in this tutorial, with this tutorial, this video can see everything, how to activate Heiden Secret Lock. So friends, we regularly post a technical topic on our website and take the science There are lots of problems with Android and you can learn a lot and learn many things. If you visit our website regularly you can learn a lot more Tricks And Tips

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