Can Call Back Police Phone  Number To Your Mobile Phone Prank

Viewers We have many fun with many people. If you want to have fun with your friends or you want to have fun with a girlfriend you want to make a lot of fun. I hope you can make a lot of fun today. I will teach you today that you have not seen anywhere before but in bad work Do not use it with anyone and how you can prank with everyone, you can use it only to your friend Who can show your mobile call to anyone who is shocked and you can bring any call with the help of a police number

 Anyone who is afraid or surprised if you see this call on your mobile, you can bring a call to the Prime Minister,

 only to have fun Friends will have to install one of your apps for them with a link. Click on the link below the top of this application. After downloading the application you will be able to open it first and then after viewing it will see 6 options. Click on the first option, after opening the Caller ID, you will see the above and the name of the police or any name will give you the name of your choice. You can save a mobile number in the following options. Here 9 9-9 Nine Police will write a number, after giving this number.

 If you want to click on it now you can test the call at this time but if there is permission for permissions, please give permission to each and if you set the time you will have a call on your mobile after going to your friends. If you want to threaten someone and somebody If you want to have fun with it, keep the time here 10 or 15-20 minutes or 30 minutes after the call will be there on your mobile phone

 After giving it you will come out of the application or after half an hour after coming, you will be able to have fun with your phone by talking to the phone and anyone who is shocked to see that police has called you, friends hope you like and have fun with anyone If you like today's tricks, please like it, please comment and feel free to post it on our website regularly. You can always learn a lot about topics and Android issues when you visit our website and learn more Tricks And Tips

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