All Android user New Tricks For Mobile Sensor Working Hidden Tips

Today I will show you an amazing thing that you will be surprised to see many people who use Android mobile phones. Most people do not know how mobile sensors work. You will notice that there are two black spots with the front camera of the camera, often seen as a camera, these two Mobile Sensor You may know many people how unknown these two Sensor works today I will show you such a tricks and you will be surprised to see that anyone who wants to learn from you will be able to learn from you. With the unique sensor of a unique mobile, you have now been set up in a short time.

 the applications that you want to open in the first place are only available to you Take a look at the hand once the mobile will open the YouTube will take a second time when it will look up Your gallery on your mobile has been opened for the third time and when you see that the Play Store will be opened on your mobile, you can set up any application you like from here. You can set the applications that you use most, here you will be able to save a lot of time. In order to open your friends, you have to install an application for that You will not get the le store. Download this application, click on the link below.

 you can install these apps by downloading the application. The application will be completed. Open after open and you can see here a text. Just click and click after the first option After clicking on it, you will see that the applications will be from here to your liking I will use YouTube in three settings, hand Icon will be available in the second hand icon. Click here to click on the application will be shown. From here you can select any number of applications like your choice. Some number option is below the hand icon. After On On, you can select any other application here After clicking on Start, click Start, now you have just finished the setting. Exit the application after the arrival, place the hands on the top of the sensor.

 where the sensor is selected, the application that was selected will be opened the second time only the right direction From the left side you will see another application will be done the third time when it will move from right to left One more application will be done. Friends, if we like it, we will certainly like this. Please do not forget to share the comment. Please do not forget to share with us. We can post regular technical issues on our website to know a lot. Regular visit our website will get all the updates. If there is a problem to understand the video is not seen by clicking the link below Watch the video better

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