Mobile Battery Charge Backup to 50% More Using Long Time Battery

  • Battery charging of mobile is quickly eliminated. Fifty percent of the person is not able to work online. At the moment the battery charge of the mobile phone goes for battery and if you charge the battery, the battery is hot enough, how can you solve it. Learn how to save the battery of your phone all day long Battery Charge will not end soon, so friends will show me two first tricks, go to the settings of your mobile, then click on the options below to click on the phone and after clicking on the click below there is a text Click the build number together 4-5 From here on, the developers will be running the developer option.

  •  At the bottom of your mobile settings, click on the developer option and click after all Take an option there. Go to the bottom of the developer options. There you will find an option in the No Background Limit by clicking on the option to make no background data and then never take background data from here and your battery will get about one percent profit. You also have an application You can use the Kill Apps link in the application below You can download and open it first and see how much of your mobile's RAM is there and how much memory is available in all details and then you can click here to the Customize List

  • You can see the number of apps on your mobile every app is showing, each of our mobile phones The battery is taking the battery from here, so the battery ends quickly After that, you will get an option in the middle, after clicking on the play button, you will go to the application yourself. After giving your application permission first, come back to the application again and then after clicking on the play button, after one to one hundred percent When you are finished,

  •  you will come out of here automatic The only application that will work in the application, open the application first and do not apply any other application, then you can use battery of your mobile battery and use a long time, the battery of the mobile. If you like today's tips, please feel free to tell me how it felt and our website You can learn a lot while visiting regularly Here you can learn a lot of technical and science topics and a lot to learn and a lot to learn More Tricks And Tips

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