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How To Use A Live Keyboard For Android Mobile If you use a live keyboard to watch your Android mobile handsets, your mobile screen will become more beautiful and when you type using a keyboard on social media, this live keyboard shows live fish keyboard like this.

If you want to use it, follow our article and see who will be shocked To get this keyboard from you, the beauty of your mobile will increase. Viewers need to install one of your apps for it. To install the Live Keyboard application, click on the link below to download a download link. You can install this application first by clicking on the link. Then on the mobile you can download the application and after opening, if any permissions you want Permission Access Alarms

 then two options will be shown by Step 1 Enable Live Keyboard, then you will go to Settings, click here to turn on this live keyboard and then come back to the next. Let's see if it is written Step 2 Enable Live After clicking on the keyboard, after some settings, if you have completed these two steps and you have to install an application, you can install this app Ikesana find the link on our website you visit on a regular basis if you can learn all kinds of Tricks and Tips post, we do all the time to learn about the technical and science More Tricks And Tips

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