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Today, I will teach you 5 great settings for everybody who uses YouTube. About 99 percent of the settings do not yet know that these five settings of YouTube application, if you do not know, you will not be able to use YouTube. If you have this 5 Important settings If you know, you can easily use the YouTube app and the UK If you want to know about YouTube's Important setting, then follow the steps below. You must go to Google Play Store then search and type in the YouTube Search app. You will need to update the YouTube application. Then open the YouTube app from the Play Store and after you open it's a music widget You can see that movie is not clearer, if you are not clear, or you can see a movie, then at the time of watching the movie, first stop it, then click on the three dot options in the corner and then click on the following fourIf you watch videos in the format that are not clear, here you can see an option below everything click on 720P Select the ray again and then go back to the video again. You will see that the video will be clearly seen in HD, and once again.

 after stopping this video you can go back to the settings again and see another option below. Speed ​​playback click here and there is another fun setting If you want to watch a movie on YouTube in Slow motion and if you want to see it in a fast motion. You can get two settings, tray these options and try slow motion and First Motion videos. Now go to the YouTube app in the Number Two Settings and then click on your ID and then click on General then you will get an options Remind Me take a brakeBy clicking on this option, you can make a time setting here, as if you were watching a movie on YouTube. Seeing or playing any drama Suddenly your sleep has come to you. You are asleep, but the videos are going well. Here you will select the time here. After an hour or two hours the videos will be automatically stopped. If you fall asleep then any other video play Do not be there. Now you go there number three settings and then click on your profile id again in the YouTube application. Now you can see the number four setting. For the number 4 settings you will go away from the YouTube application after you search by entering a movie name in the top search bar.

 then an icon above will click on the three line menu, then there will be some options. Click here to upload the video. Please click on the day and then you will be able to see the mum before the first movie will be uploaded every day. Now look at the last 5 number of settings in the YouTube Appsthen click on your profile ID and then click on General. Here you can see that there is an option below all. Restricted mode Click on this option to let anyone in your family from this YouTube application If you are using this option you can secretly turn on this option, which will never result in an adult video. You can not watch the Rope video. Good content will always come with good content. This outstanding Last Number setting is important for everyone. If you like these five YouTube app settings today, we would like to comment and keep you informed about our regular technical and science issues. Post it. If you visit our website regularly, you can learn many things and learn a lot. More Tricks Tips

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