On Mobile Flashlight Know More 6 Hidden Feature Tricks And Tips

There is no end to technology and there is no age for learning. There are many types of tips and tricks that many do not know. Flash light on every mobile phone. If you are asked about what you do with your mobile flashlight, you will only make one Ansar with this flashlight of the photo only Mobile phone lights are also available on mobile phones What's new inside the body of the lights are some tricks that many people do not know about 90 percent of the people today, what I will teach you today will be astonishing to see everyone with flash lights of the mobile. And your friends will be surprised to see this amazing flash-flicklight tricks that you can hide in your Flushlight application

 your personal photos and videos or any secret files that everyone will be surprised to see, nobody can believe that this much of the Flashlight application There is a secret. And for that you have to install an application for your application link You will download the application by clicking on that link below three and five MB will be downloaded. Once the download is complete, then you can open the application first then you will flash the first light then you will get a text then you click on the option and then hold it Creating a password here is a password of four numbers that you pass Can I rarely give the same password twice

 Then you have to give it a whisper of whats is yours. You can click here by clicking on the red color and then the application will open. After the open, you can see here many options will show the photo video audio share file. If you want to save your mobile personal photos here No one can ever see your secret photo or keep a person, or you have a personalized video You can not see the photo option by clicking on it, then there will be the plus key icon above and click on there will go to your mobile gallery and click on the photo you want to fetch from here and if you want to keep the person here on your mobile

 then come back. Then click on the video and click the plus icon again and then go to your mobile gallery Save your personal videos from here, keep photos and videos locked inside your flashlight. This tricks does not know about 90 percent. If you like Tomorrow, like Tom Cruise, you will certainly like to comment. It is our website that if you visit regularly you can learn a lot and learn a lot. We have many types of post about technical and science. Learn More on our website Tricks and Tips

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