If your lock password know your friends but not can open any apps

There are many types of lock for Android phones that many of us do not know, but if you set your password or pattern lock on your mobile phone, then this is a patent lock or password lock, if anyone knows that unlocking your mobile lock can not open an application. Show a Strong App Log, which you have never seen before, when an app is off If you want to do this, an article will be available at the moment. Anfurchunaate Close App will be available and you will not be able to unlock any apps on your mobile.

 If you want to lock the password of your mobile, then friends will have to install a Ten million download application to set this unique lock. How to download an application application that many populers will need to install You can download the application by clicking on the link, download the application by clicking on the link, then when the application is complete, then open the application and then if you want the permissions then apply the first one when the application is open password will be password complete password password of your personal 4 Click on Done with your mouse After clicking on the plus icon click here, there are all the applications on your mobile, every show will have an option written on it,

 click on the option All Select and then you can count on the number of applications that are more importer than the ones from here. Let's close the rest from here
 then there is a plus icon plus you can click on plus icon After that, after clicking on the application, after the notification on the application, you will come back to the second page, the application will show that the application is written on the right side of each application, click on each fax icon, then it will be locked. After the application is complete, Come out and come back to your mobile homepage to any app Apply the application but no one will be able to open the application. If you want to open the application to open the application, then you can write a text and then click here for two to three seconds and then you will see an automatic passwords with password. Locking your application will unlock that password If you visit our website regularly you can learn a lot and learn a lot. Know More Tricks and Tips

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