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Hidden and secret Video Record Off Mobile Screen Light

bank, School, Collage, Record Secret Video Off Mobile screen

Friends, we live in different places with mobile phones, in banks or at school at any college and any public place, we can see that if we take photos on mobile cameras but there are many places where there is never acceptable mobile phone with any video or If you need to take a photo, you should record any secret video that is in front of any person or who is So friends need to install an Android app for you, but the application will install a download apps link below all the application, by clicking on that link, you will download this secret video recorder download

 Once the application is complete, you will open the play. If you want a permit from the store then every permit will get access and the application will be open. In the middle there will be an option of recording. You can start the recording by clicking on it. Turn off your mobile phone screen or light and then move it to any place. You just keep the mobile in the right position, then automatically the secret video will be recorded and the phone will be closed on the phone. Lock and hold Volume Down Key and then you will see automatic video recorded and that video Where you can find them again

 enter the application and then you will see there are three line of corners in the upper left corner. Click here to see the gallery options show and then here you will see what the video has been recorded all the videos will be found here. Friends, if you like these tricks and tips today You must be sure to comment on how friends are on our website regularly If you regularly visit our website about Technical and Science, you can learn many things and learn more. Learn More Tricks and Tips

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