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Hidden Girls Photo touch strong Lock Android

Amazing Girlfriend Picture Touch Lock Screen Android

If you use Android mobile phone, I will show you a great lock today. I will be surprised to see this guy setting up your phone and lock the photo here with your own photo and if you want your phone with your girlfriend or any girl's photo Can unlock And if you use this lock no one can open the lock on your phone, except for you Toufik, you must install an Android app for it. 5 MB will be required to download the download app's link below all. You can download this application by clicking on the link. Once the application is complete on the mobile phone, you can open it first and then after opening If you want permission

 you will also get access to permissions and then swipe left. Swipe up to the last, then there will be a text that you click here, then you will have a lot of photo frame shows. My photo click on the photo frame and then go to the gallery in your gallery and bring any photos you like from the gallery here. After pressing it, you can click anywhere on this photo in order to create a person by double clicking on the same system Bay will be written on the top and the text will be written above when your photo lock is finished then there will be a recovery password to be created when you forget this photo lock, then you can unlock the phone with this recovery password after the recovery password setting is complete Press it

 Once the complete setting is over, get out of here, now lock your phone and unlock it, then click on the photo that you created this person. Just click on the same site to unlock this person. Also you can add other more photos exactly the same The system will go back to the application and click on the My Photo then come back to the gallery, no matter what you like You can create a logo by taking the photo exactly the same system and if you have a problem understanding you will give the video below. Take a look at the video and make this unique one your mobile setting. We provide many posts regularly on our website and you If we visit our website regularly, we can learn a lot and learn much Jade. Know More Tricks and Tips

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