TOP Transfarent Screen Live Wallpaper Android

A Transparent Live Wallpaper for Android Smartphone is Very Important If you have an Android Smartphone in your hand, then you should set this awesome live wallpaper on your mobile and anyone who is surprised to see it and becomes unstable to take the application from you. In order to use this live wallpaper, your mobile back camera will be automatically turned on and the live wallpaper will be displayed in the direction of your mobile. Any scenes or flowers, trees and any scenic scenes.

 for friends, you have to install an application for this application link. I will give you the download link by clicking on the link below Once you complete downloading the live wallpaper will open the permission to open access to the permissions will ayalao. There will be a written text in the middle of the application, then click on Start, then swipe left, then once again a text will come. Start here will show a lot of options. If you understand English according to your experience, then you can check any option according to your knowledge and then an option Once you click on the on-off click, you will see the text set below live wallpaper click here.

 when the application is complete, then exit the application and you will see the camera on your mobile will be turned on and the live wallpaper setting of a great transfer has been made, this camera will always be on the go anytime anywhere the mobile is not catching directly Live wallpaper will be seen, friends like ours, today's tricks are well liked How would you like to tell me how to tell and our website If you regularly visit this website regularly, you can learn a lot about technical and science, and learn many things about Android issues. More Tricks and Tips

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