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I'll teach you all the tricks and tips that people do not know about all the tips and tricks that have many tricks and tips on Android smartphones. Friends, when we call our mobile number, just like with your mobile number, when someone calls on your phone to call from your unknown number and comes to your mobile phone and color number

 Many times your mobile phone is kept secret by informing them and calling them And I do not want to introduce you by phone, today I will teach you a secret trick that can show a lot of fear to anyone. And sabaike should be teaching your Android mobile and you never With all due respect, nor with you lies not speak and the color number from the call identity and hides all things will tell you, you will request to stop the tricks. For that, you have to install an Android app but this application will not be available in the Play Store 

 You can download the apps from the Play Store at the bottom and click on the link. You can download this application by clicking on the Turbo Bomber and you can send 1000 or 500 SMS if you want As soon as you go to your mobile number as well as your mobile phone, its mobile screen The light will be red color and he will be very scared to send the SMS from your mobile. Once the application is complete, download the application. After opening it you will get the Welcome to Bomber. You will first need to sign up your mobile number. With mobile number, then give down the count number you want to send a sms to 100 200 300 or 1000 count number 

 if you click on it, get a button below, it will be red color, the logo of this application will be red color here every SMS and anyone bothered Can you do it. You will never be rude. So friends, if you like this trick, please like it, please tell me how to comment and understand and understand if there is a problem then definitely you can understand the video then all of our friends on this website are giving technical information about technicol and science. If you visit regularly, you can learn a lot and learn a lot. More Tricks and Tips

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