How to get Sim number history of one Year Girlfriend Mobile

So many friends want to know all the call history of our girlfriends and your wife, if they call anywhere with a phone number, we do not get the information and many times our phone number is deleted from many important mobile numbers. You will not be able to find the number but today's tricks I will teach you all, all of you really will be very surprised if your number from your mobile del In the case of that.

 you have done as many calls as you have done with your SIM card within a year or as many as you can say that every year you can find out every mobile number in the mobile number but your girlfriend will talk to someone on the phone and you are lying right In this way he can catch the person with whom he has talked to the phone on whose number Friends, you must have an Android app that you have to install apps that will have all the download apps below. Click here to download this application. You can download this application with a lot of pop-up application, you can find out the whole one year call history in PDF mode. Open the application when it is complete, but you will need to install this application on the mobile phone that you want to extract calls from the cell phone.
 Then you will have to download this application after downloading the call details of the phone you.

 want to find or the SIM Call History wants to have this letter in this mobile phone or you use this SIM card on mobile This is to re install the mobile apps. Once the application is open then you will see some options below. You have to be very careful to write it. I have read the term and condition. You can click on that Sheikh Marque and then click Continue below and see some more options. If you want to find out the sms of your mobile here you will first see how to find sms lost, but here you are writing. In the contact number of the contact number, you can click on that contact number and then click here to create a folder.

 Just write your name just below and then click on the rules and then you will see a folder that will be created. On the memory card of the mobile, you can get out of here and go to your phone memory and see an E2PDF (Backup Rest ore) You can see such a folder by clicking on that name and then clicking on that name, you can see here 12 Month Call History. You can see here how many minutes you talked about and how many times have you phoned and talked with whom Miss Call Received Call Dial Call All options are there to make sure that if you have any problems understanding our video then you can understand everything. So friends, we have many types of post Technical and science on our website. If you visit our website regularly, you can learn many things. Learn more about Android Know more Tricks and Tips.

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