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How To Make Android phone CCTV camera your Home

CCTV camera can be made with two android mobile phones 100% true in each of us house but Android mobile phone is one of the two we can make CCTV camera with our abandoned android mobile phone so you can make this CCTV camera in your house if you want people in your home. See who's sitting abroad and if you have a boyfriend The case allows you to monitor your girlfriend and easily via CCTV cameras record everything you do for him and his friends would be able to keep.

 First you need to collect two Android mobile phones and then the Internet. And how to download an application How to download the app, by clicking the download apps link below, you will install this IP webcam application by clicking this link, you will be able to see everything with these apps. When you download this application you can download the mobile If you want to make a CCTV camera with the ell then open the app in the middle of the app, you will see many options here. Everyone will go to the bottom option. Actions click on that option and you will see the copy to IP address.

 Send your WhatsApp number or you can take it via your email if you want. Now this mobile is done then place the mobile in place. You will see here that the browser is clicked there and then you will see directly CC camera footage now here recording, or photo you can make several more able to work to very good to see to understand if there are problems in our video Watch carefully and easily an Android-circuit cameras Make with your mobile. So friends, we regularly post many types of posts on this website. If you visit our website about technical and science, type post you will learn to our website . Know More Tricks and Tips

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