Android Mobile Screen Secret Display Lock

Android has used many types of lock for mobile but there are some lockers that anyone can never unlock your mobile screen while your mobile screen will remain locked, touching twice will lock everything on the mobile and again if you touch twice it will be unlocked again. You can keep the screen of your mobile phone and your mobile is always safe in your mobile The. So friends will have to install one of your Android Apps for this wonderful person, but by downloading the application below from all the applications, how to install from the application, by clicking the link.

 you will download this application. After the application is complete, open the first one will be able to open an option below. If you activate the option, you will need a permit for the Apes app and then come back to the application again. After coming to the application, click on the option again and again after that you will see a rhythm icon on your mobile screen. Always write down the new password. Create a password by clicking on that password. 1234. Now a password has been created for your mobile. Now you can exit the application and then come to the mobile screen. You will see a star icon that will not go anywhere at the moment, then inside the application.

 then double-click on the icon, you will see that the screen lock on the mobile will be working. If any application is open And you can not come out of here. Do not unlock your mobile lock so that they double-click on the icon again, then the passwords you created here will be unlocked by clicking the unlock button and clicking on the password. If you have trouble understanding the video, and easily create such a beautiful lock for your mobile. So friends, we have posted many types of posts on our website. If you visit our website regularly and know about Technique and Science, you can learn a lot and learn about Android issues. Know More Tricks and Tips

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