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Someone call your Phone always Know Who is Calling

Always Know Who is Calling Your Phone Number

If you call someone from unknown numbers, you can not find out the details in that number or you can not know who has called your mobile number and its location or photos, in that case you can not see anything, friends, if anyone on your mobile If the phone comes from unknown number, then its photo will be flashed on your mobile screen and whether you have a WhatsApp So you can see it on some of the steps to follow

 For that you must first install an Android app to link the application and click on the link below all you download the application. Once the application is complete download, then you will open it and then you will see the gate start click and then two options on If you want permissions here, then every permissions access You will also be able to sign it with your mobile number first with your mobile number and then you will receive a confirmation sms in your mobile number. With the SMS code number you will verify that if your mobile number is verified, then you can take the next step

 After that you have to do some options here, after doing it here You can see how many numbers are saved in your mobile number or number of calls from each caller can see here their phone call number friends here you can see their photo of their identity or whoever on their mobile phone can give a missed call You will get the option of the history photos and sms. So friends, we post many regular posts on our website. If you visit our website regularly, you can learn many things about technical and science. You can learn a lot about Android issues. And Know More Tricks and Tips.

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