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44% of girls accept online friendship requests | Internet safety

 To make child-girl child abuse harassment online, make child-aware and guardians aware of the need to be safeguarded, by 2021, by 2021, 120 million children will be trained to adolescents to be safe online, Grameenphone Telenor UNICEF.  Online children spend most of the time contacting and watching videos, 70% of boys see 44% of girls accepting requests for strangers to strangers online.

  According to UNICEF's survey, they say 32 percent of children between the ages of 10 and 17 of the Internet users are being victimized online or at risk of being online.  In this context, implementing and strengthening the online protection level of Bangladeshi children in the context of the UNICEF project aims to train six lakh children in the next two years to remain safe online.  Telenor,

 the owner of the country's leading telecom operator Grameenphone, has become their partner to do this.  We hope this partnership will institutionalize the realistic suggestions on the online safety of the child and it will become a part of education for the child of Bangladesh.  Through this project launched by UNICEF in 2018, it has alerted the fake million students and 70 thousand guardians.  We want our future generations to know about their responsibilities on the Internet and to gain proper knowledge,

 to take advantage of their Internet access to education and to understand the importance of being smart and using their own heart is important for them.  The project will reach 20 million people through an integrated communication campaign and hopefully it will benefit at least 50 thousand people for taking helpful steps.

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