There are many types of locks for Android mobile you may not know, but I will show you a trick that I really like you today and you will be surprised if you see your friends will definitely want to learn from you or want to know how you can use this mobile phone gesture. Lock and unlock everyone will be surprised to see these tricks so friends on your mobile If you want to set up your mobile
 then you will need an Android application. If you want to set up your mobile, you will need an Android application.

 You will install the application by clicking on the link when the download is completed on your mobile. Then open the application if any permissions you want to make every permit will come down a little after opening the application. Here you will find an option in Pocket. Click on this option and turn it on then there is another option by clicking on that option. Once you have finished setting these two settings, there is another option above.

 Click on Shaun then turn on another option is Mobile Device Administrator down below Click Activate then exit the application when the setting is finished Now the sensor that is next to your mobile camera once on the left side of this sensor. The phone will lock and when you want to lock your phone again, take your hand from left to right You will see the lock and unlock your mobile. So friends, we regularly post many types of posts on our website. If you visit this website for technical and science, you will learn a lot. Know More Tricks and Tips

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