Friends We Use Android Mobile Any problem on our phone we may not know or maybe your mobile battery is not set up or mobile camera has started setting something like mobile or has some hardware and many of the software you do not know if you have any on your mobile In case there is a problem all the software on your mobile And you must install an Android app to check how you can check the hardware.

 but I will give you the app by clicking on the link below. You will download this application. Once the application is downloaded, you will open it here. You must also allow access to 5 places from. Then on the first page you will see the name of the mobile software which has each name here and then you will see the Motion click on this option then you will see the text below start click and then move the mobile phone in your hand two or three times if you move the mobile.

 If the option is correct, here will show you the good job this article comes to mind Do your mobile motion OK Also there are more options for camera bluetooth wifi connection and mobile sensors will get all kinds of options. With one click you can check each one and easily find out if there is a problem with your mobile. Where there is a problem on your mobile no options are working. So friends, we regularly post many types of posts on this website and if you regularly visit our website about technical and science you will learn a lot. Know More Tricks and Tips

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