Friends we use android mobile phone we all know we have flash lights on mobile then we have some secret tricks of this flash light which many of us do not know today i will show you a great trick of flash light on this mobile which really surprised you. There will be times when we leave our mobile phones at home and go anywhere we can see Someone else takes a mobile phone and sees a lot.

 So from now on, if you want to have as many personal photos and videos of your mobile as you.
want, this flashlight app will be able to hide in the background, even if no one sees it in life. To keep your personal photos and videos locked, you must download a small application by clicking the link. You will install the application by clicking on the link when your download is completed. You have just written off and then click on it Watch Later, there is a flashlight, click and hold and then you will see a password here.

 Save the password after giving it twice and then you will see the second page open. Here you will be able to hide your video audio photo and your personal document. And no one will ever realize you have so many add-ons in the background of this Flash Lite application You have made many posts on this website regularly, friends. If you regularly visit our website about technical and science, you will learn many things about Android. Know More Tricks and Tips

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