For those of us who use Android mobile phones, we may not know that there are two black spots on the front camera of the mobile. Here the mobile sensor works. Many of you may not know how the mobile sensor works because I will teach you today how the two black sensors next to this mobile camera are.

 What works or how to use the mobile application with this sensor shortcut If you want to set up three applications of your choice here at that time, when you touch the sensor, then any of your mobile applications will be open. After setting the three applications, the first option will be the hands on the mobile camera. The third option will be on the camera once. Mobile Gallery will be the third option on mobile sensors said You will need to install an Android app for the three apps, but you will not have to install an Android app on the App Play Store, but you will find a small app link in the video decryption. Or at the bottom of the download link you can click on the app After installing the note will be downloaded.

 you will open the first option, then you will see three options. First option will be to open the gallery if you place your hands on the sensor of the mobile or the camera will be open. Then on the gallery of mobiles will be selected from here to select any application you like Take the following is a very good three settings below. There are two more options from here. Setting up applications on this system,

 then clicking on the above, when the setting is done, the app will then see how it will open your favorite applications. By setting the application you can open apps in a short time, friends If you like the comments please tell us how it feels and we are giving you many types of posts on this website. If you regularly visit our website for technical and science, you will learn a lot. Know More Tricks and Tips.

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