Android mobile has something that 90% of people don't know yet. There are tricks you can use when setting a photo on a mobile screen and your friends will be surprised to see you setting a photo and Ben will then show this photo everywhere on the mobile screen Opacity Screen and if you want to chat online with your girlfriend.

 No one will see anything while on your mobile screen without you guys today I am at you In order to teach you a trick, you must install an android app for Designer Tools that will save the apache image of your mobile app by clicking the download link below and then setting the screen at the bottom.
 There are two Vertical Horizontal options available here if you want a full screen Screen size is given first you will click fullscreen you will have another option below any photo from your mobile.

Opacity will be 50 percent or 9% then the screen of mobile will show your photo. Watch and learn these beautiful tricks and tips today. Friends We regularly post many types of posts on this website Technical and science and if you visit our website regularly you can learn a lot and learn about Android. Know More Tricks and Tips.

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