Fake Low Battery. Trick your kids to think your battery is dead.
Fake Low Battery is a small app that is trick to convince your kids that your phone has a low battery state.
So many times your kids take your phone and return it to you only to find out the the battery is dead
Now you can trick them :)
After the App is started it will start to pop up the "Low battery" dialogs.

Friends often take a mobile phone from our hand with your brother or your sister and your friend want to play games with mobile phone and many people try to see a lot about mobile phone from mobile. So if you do not want to bring your mobile phone and use it repeatedly will show you the Lovetree notification is coming then what you need to do is install an android apps. The application will have the link. Take it Once the download is completed, the app will open and then you will see above some time shows will be up to 20 seconds. Here you can select how long you want this notification to come.

 then you can see below 5 seconds if you want more time community. Setting the time here, after 5 seconds, the area will continue to appear as seen below on the mobile screen There is a time. How many times do you want to move in this time? You can give from 50 to 100 here. When the time is finished, you will see the text below, then click on it. Then get fed up with the mobile phone, he will not be able to use anything for this article. We regularly post many types of posts on this website. If you visit our website about technical and science, you will learn many things about Android. Know More Tricks and Tips

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