Viewers today I will teach you a unique trick that will really surprise you. Many times we see that many people are giving troubles to our mobile phone numbers. We are bored if from now on you can teach anyone you want. Do not be fooled or upset by the fact that you will be hitting 1000 Missed Call on your mobile. If you have to install Android Apps.

 but you do not get the App Store, click on the Play Store Apps link and download the app. Mobile number for anyone who wants or wants to teach Click Next and then give here how many missed calls you want to hit from here. You can type 100 or 200 20 30 then click Next again here. After going 5 seconds or 8 seconds, click on the last option that is available at Start and start your mobile phone.

 Leave the automatic to Missed Call on his mobile, one after another he will be annoyed and never mess with you and anyone you can teach friends We regularly post many types of technical and science posts on this web site if you are interested in our website. Regular visits can learn a lot and you will learn a lot about Android. Know More Tricks and Tips

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