Today, I will show you an app that can do many things if you have a girlfriend or you have a friend who can easily catch her when she is online and when you go you can see everything. It is important to know that it will always be useful to help you in your danger and to help you If anyone lies, you will be able to easily catch those who use WhatsApp will be very helpful to many. There are many WhatsApp usage apps that you have installed from the Play Store but from now on.

You have to install a lot of apps from the Play Store. To learn this trick, you need to install an application you will not find in the App Store. If you want to download a permit after downloading each permit Access Whatsbox Many people have access to WhatsApp for use of WhatsApp. If you use popular status, you can get popular status from here and get an option here. You just click on the option in GIVE after clicking Give Permisions.

Just click here and press OK after clicking on the WhatsApp number you just want to read the SMS, just press this number here and every sms history will come to you. Here you will see many options show after opening the application. There is an eye icon like logo and clicking on it you will find out in WhatsApp People who are online and when they leave will be able to see the last scenes. Who is Online.

You will see all the settings open and notice the video so you can learn all the tricks will be of great benefit to you in case you use WhatsApp we regularly post technical posts on this web site if you follow all the time. If you want to learn new tricks like this, please comment and like with Active Tha Ben with us and you will realize that I have no problem with the comment will replay each comment.

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