There are many locks for Android mobile that many of us do not use, but there are some locks that you use when you use your Android mobile will be very smart that anyone will be surprised when you see and your friends will want to take the lock from you. You must use this lock to make someone beautiful.

 Friends, if you want to use this lock you must install an android apps but you will get the app link by clicking the link below you will download. Once the application is downloaded, you will open it and then you will see an option above that will activate the lock by clicking on it. Then you have to create a password here. After entering your personal password code you can save it by clicking OK below. Then there are some more options below.

 Change Password, Change Lock Background Photo, then Change Lock Photo. That way, if you want to change the number of photos inside the profit circle, you can change your own photo or save your girlfriend's photo. When the setting is finished, get out of here and then lock your mobile and unlock again. Friends We provide various types of posts on our web site If you regularly visit our website about technical and science, you will learn a lot about android. And Know More Tricks And Tips.

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