• Access Photo,Video Locker by typing Numeric PIN on calculator panel of this app.
• Lock apps using Classic PIN pad.
• Support all Picture formats in gallery lock like GIF, JPEG, PNG etc.
• Beautiful Themes for calculator and app lock screen.
• Easy to Manage, Delete, Unhide, Move Pictures in gallery vault.
• Amazing Inbuilt Image viewer with Slide show, Rotate, Share and Shuffle option.
• Supports app protection to prevent Calculator from being uninstalled by strangers.
“This app uses the Device Administrator permission.” You can activate device Administrator permission for this app to prevent accidentally Uninstallation of app and avoid loss your data.
• Powerful and Instant Lock Apps system to keep safe your private media.

•We all know that calculators on mobiles are calculated for him, but many may not know that there is so much hidden in the background of the calculator. Friends Many of us want to hide some personal photos and videos of our mobile phones It is seen that there are many types of photos in our galleries at different times. So for security and to take your personal photos and videos or apps lock three services on our mobile you must install an android apps that will get drilling application and download the application by clicking the link below.

 •Once the application is downloaded, open it first and then you will see a calculator, you have to enter any password you like, then there is an option below Equal. You will have to enter the password twice by clicking on that place. Here you will find three options for video or apps lock If you want to hide any of your photos and videos of your choice here, then if you open from your mobile gallery, you will not see anything, and here is the app lock. Without the password you can lock in the app without anyone except you. Friends We regularly post many types of posts on this website Technical and Science If you regularly visit our website, you can learn many things about Android. And Know More Tricks And Tips.

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