There are so many secret locks for Android mobiles that many people have no idea about the lock and many people do not know. Friends today I will show you a secret lock that allows you to lock all the apps on another mobile that you open from someone else. You can't do this without remote control apps and the moba unless you have a password. You can do this without having to do any application on your mobile phone or you can do this on any mobile of your family.

 but the Friends app must be installed on your two mobiles then you must download the application on the first mobile and activate the Friends app link. Get the remote control by clicking the link below Likesanati will download. Once downloaded, you will open and then you will see here the permissions will be allowed to access. Then you will get another option. There is an option to click on the remote lock entry and then you will see a password here.

 Copy the password from here. Paste it and send it to your personal mobile WhatsApp number when you This task will be completed by hiding this application on your mobile so that no one else can know then open WhatsApp on your own mobile with the help of another website with that code number and click on the link below and paste your number in the other. All the apps on mobile will be locked friends if you have trouble understanding You will find the video below and click on the video to see how to activate Friends We regularly post many types of posts on our web site Technical and science If you visit our website regularly you can learn many things and know about Android. More Tricks and Tips.

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