Mobile phones have some tricks that many people may not know. If you leave your mobile phone in your home, and if someone tries to unlock your mobile phone, his or her photo will go up. You can see the picture of him on your mobile who tried to unlock your mobile and if your mobile phone is in charge Right now, if someone else tries to unlock your mobile lock, your photo will be taken.

 Friends must install one of your small apps for that, get the app link from the Play Store, click on the link below, download the app, download the app first and then open the access permissions will be allowed. After opening the application, you will see the above two options General and Photo Log. You can click on the number two option. If you unlock your mobile phone, if someone unlocks the photo here, then there is another number below in the unlock option.

 Select twice because if you unlock your mobile phone with wrong password then take pictures of it Once the application settings ebe exit the application. Now leave your mobile phone locked. If someone unlocks your mobile phone with a color password, you will see his or her photo go up on your mobile and inside this app. Friends hope we understand that many times we give various types of posts on this website, if you regularly visit our website about technical and science then you can learn a lot about android. Know More Tricks and Tips.

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