If we give every day to the mobile phone charge, then today you will have to follow these tips I will teach you all of you will be surprised to see some great features on mobile phone charge who have never seen your mobile phone when you charge it. You can see the bubble or airplane on the screen to show the charger effect. If you have some great tips on how to make friends on your mobile screen, then you will definitely see this article today.

 To set the charge effect for mobile phones you must install an android apps that will get the link of the application by clicking below and download it.
Bubblee is a nice-looking and beautiful battery charging animation app which helps you improve the appearance of your smart phone. Bubblee will display a large number of charming transparent bubbles moving on your screen.
You can personalize the bubbles charging animation by modifying the size of the bubbles, colors of bubbles. Moreover, you can also set battery alarm alerts for full battery or low battery notification.
The app comes with a set of useful options and features. Bubblee can be used as a Battery low alarm or battery full alarm as well.

 Open the application is download complete, you will open it and then you will see the permissions that will be allowed to access each. And first you can see here there are three settings by clicking on the settings icon, there are three settings by clicking on this option bounce off and then there are some effects that you can download and save here, then you can see a lot of things on mobile phones. On the screen Guys, if you have any problem understanding these tips, of course, watch our video well and learn mobile phone charge tricks very easily. Friends We regularly post many types of posts on this website If you visit our website regularly about technical and science, you will learn a lot about Android. And Know More Tricks and Tips.

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