Friends of our mobile phone Many times anyone in our family wants to see a lot of things with the mobile phone in hand, if you lock them on your mobile gallery or youtube facebook whatsapp you can open it without you have a great trick of mobile volume button but click on the button four times. Do this then every app on your mobile will be open like this You will be able to lock the app.

 none of you can open it, for friends you must install an android apps that can lock every app on your mobile application. You will find the app link. Once completed, you can open your mobile phone You will press the upper button twice then press the bottom button twice again the total four times then lock the second time with the confirmation password on the same system and you will click down next and after the next time you will need to confirm with answering a question. Next step will be to access the two grand permissions after the application Now open the application name knote after open Now you will click on the volume up button twice and double click on the bottom.

 button then this app will be open and after viewing each app on your mobile will show as many apps as you like. Click on the lock next to each icon you want to keep on lock when finished Then there is another option that if you turn on the option, every app lock will be set up. Exit the app. Now when you open the YouTube or Facebook WhatsApp mobile gallery on your mobile, this person will have to double click on the top button and click on the button below. We regularly post many types of posts on this website about technical and science When you visit our website regularly to learn a lot by a lot of things you can learn about Android And Know More Tricks and Tips.

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