Viewers in your family can easily track their location with a browsing history or map of their mobile using a mobile phone with your mobile like if you or your sister and wife in your family use a mobile phone as well as internet and then You can find out their browsing history or activity on your mobile phone Many people make a lot of effort to learn about this.

 such as the location of anyone in your family's mobile or what he or she is doing on mobile. Friends Your son or daughter can track everything on their mobile with your mobile. Friends, if you want to do this, you must use an app that will allow you to do all your browsing history or location wifi filtering on the app. You can find out what games your kids are playing on the mobile Friends app will get the link by clicking the link below to download this app. Once the application is download complete, the permissions here will also have to be accessed.

 Then in the application you have to sign up with a gmail id then you will see here the password you want to give a password then click on signup and select if you want to control your child's mobile then of course parents will not do this.
 First you need to sign up for your mobile with Gmail ID. Then install the sem application to give the mobile to which you want to control everything and then login with that Gmail and password then when your activation is finished you will give your child the mobile phone. Then you can open the application on your mobile and then you will see all the history here. There is also wifi filter or activity and the location of how many percentile charges are available on his mobile. Friends We regularly post many types of posts on this website and if you regularly visit our website about the technical and science you can learn a lot about Android. And Know More Tricks And Tips.

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