Friends, we have to go to different places at different times as well if you go to a bank with a mobile phone or in a private place and in a school college, if you open a mobile camera and record a video then everyone will see it and everyone will know and if you take photos If you understand that you are taking photos with the camera.

 today I will teach you a trick No one knows how to record video in any secret place and no one will understand that the screen light on the mobile phone is blocked and you can take photos if you want friends you will need a secret application that will allow you to take secret video and photo app. Click on the link below. Download and download the application will open the tarp when downloaded If you want any permissions here, you will see the permissions and then you will see understand click on start the app and you will see the screen of the mobile will go away, then click on the volume bottom of the mobile once. Then if you want to take photos By the volume up button of friends.

 if you want you can record photos and videos and talk about where you will find these records, then the app will not open again after you press and hold on the screen for two seconds, you will see the option will click a lock icon. Then you can see your recorded video by clicking on the gallery from Settings settings You can click here to see the pictures and pictures of friends. If you like, you can take secret videos or secret photos from anywhere. We regularly post many types of posts on our website. If you regularly visit this website, you will learn a lot. You can find out more about Android Topics And Know More Tricks.
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