Friends, we all use the internet but we have to use the internet on two systems. One is the SIM card and the other is the WiFi network. If you are using any of these two systems on the Internet, then today you must follow these tips because I am like you today. One of the great tricks to teach you about the Internet, which is half your interns The cost will be saved and there will be a lot of k in the Internet data connection. Friends can be seen that we are using different types of apps on our mobile phones. In our case.

 the internet is fast ending. From now on, if you want to turn off the internet of each application separately, your internet costs will be greatly saved. Friends If you all want to use the internet of each application separately then you must install an android app that will get the link by downloading the application by clicking the link below. App will be downloaded once the download is completed, then the permissions should be accessed here.Then here you will see the type of applications on your mobile, every one will show here and there are two icons of WiFi or Internet connection next to the apps. If you are using WiFi or using the Internet with SIM, you must select which of the many applications you have off the internet.

 And then upstairs there is another option that non You have to click on the Potion from here and then press OK. From now on your mobile applications, you can turn off internet data from every single account. Only one application will keep internet connection on YouTube as well as Facebook. Friends We have been posting various types of posts on this website at different times. If you regularly visit our website about technical and science, you will learn a lot about android. And know more Tricks and Tips.

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