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enjoy one-on-one English conversation with European Beauties Girls

This app is a live stream service that lets people around the world share their daily lives.
Your ordinary life could be something exciting for someone living far away.
This app is the perfect way to dive into an unknown world.
- What makes GlobaLive special.

1. Make video calls with people around the world.

Make one-on-one calls for deeper conversation.
The video call feature is a great way to have personal discussions or ask questions.

2. Share your daily life with everyone

Post things you want to share with everyone in "moments."
When you post, you'll get reactions from the people who are interested in your daily life.
Find posts you're interested in and "like" them.

3. Search for people around the world.
Use the search feature to find people living in the countries you're interested in.
Is there a country you want to know more about? Talk to someone who lives there.
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