If you have corona symptoms or corona virus then today's article will help you a lot. Visitors An application has been launched by the Government of Bangladesh. If this application is activated through your mobile or the services are open, it will easily let you know if there is any coronavirus infection in your area or any corona symptoms. So the first application in Bangladesh that activates your mobile and turns on the phone's Bluetooth will always inform you in the notification according to your location, whether anyone around you is infected. Visitors will get a link to this application by clicking on that link below and downloading it first.

• When the download of the application is complete, first open it, then select the first language, English or Bengali. Then first of all you have to give your National ID card number 10 digits 13 digits or give this number of 17 digits. Once the National ID card number is given, there is an option to go ahead and click on it. Then you have to give your mobile number. Go ahead with the mobile number and click on this option. Then a confirmation SMS will come to your mobile number. Go through that code number here and click on the option. Then this application will have to give access to each of the permissions and turn on the Bluetooth of your mobile and if it is not the location of the mobile but you will not know. Then the first page of the application will come and you will be informed the congruence. Then here is a list of what to do if someone is infected with the corona virus and what to do if you have corona symptoms. Everything is given. You can see everything as soon as you enter the application. Then there is an option below. Don't test. By clicking on that option.

• some questions will be asked to you here and the answers to the questions are given. You will just select and send. And if you have symptoms due to corona or are infected with corona virus, you can find out here what to do in the next step. However, you must keep the Bluetooth and location of your mobile open. So wherever you go to the market or shopping mall or public place, this application will let you know via Bluetooth whether there are any coronavirus or corona symptom patients around you. I hope the viewers understand, but if there is any problem in understanding, you must watch our video well and activate the application on your mobile. Viewers We have a lot of regular posts on our website, is it about technical and science or blogger SEO friendly? If you visit our website regularly, you will know a lot and you will learn a lot about Android. And Know More Tricks and Tips.
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