If you use Facebook or WhatsApp, today I will teach you a unique one that you will love. And you may not have seen this kind of new trick before so stay tuned and read the full article. You can set any image in the background of Facebook or WhatsApp and if you increase the opacity of that image then if you send an SMS to someone on WhatsApp then that image will be seen all the time. And if you do Facebooking or open Facebook, then the interface of Facebook will look very beautiful. If you want.

• you can set any photo or picture of your girlfriend in the background of Facebook. So friends, you need to download an application to set opacity pictures in Facebook or WhatsApp background. Designer Tools There will be a link to this application, click below to download. Then open the application when it is downloaded, then there is an option in the application, see Mockup Overlay, turn on that option. Then there are two empty rectangle boxes at the bottom. Click on the first one and then your phone's gallery will open. Choose any picture from your phone's gallery. In this way.

• by clicking on the second box, turn on the same photo version and the above mockup overlay, you will see that Opacity image will be set in the background of your phone. Then you will see this Opacity image when you open WhatsApp and Facebook of your phone. If you don't understand, watch our video. Visitors to our website regularly post a lot of technical and science subject blogger SEO friendly will get a lot of posts, so if you visit our website regularly, you can learn a lot, you can learn a lot about Android and Know More Tricks and Tips.
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