Friends, maybe we all know why we use the back button of the mobile. When you open any app on the mobile, it plays a big role to use the back button of the mobile to get out of those apps. And no matter what kind of work you do on mobile, you always have to push back by pressing the back button of the mobile so we all use the back button of the mobile. Three buttons are very important on an Android mobile. Home button and recent button play an important role when using Android mobile. By So today I will talk about an Ultimate Rick of the back button of your phone which you will like a lot.

• So if you use a back button like this, you can do three extra things with this back button. When you press this back button of your mobile, you will see it and when you double press this back button of your mobile, then Facebook will open and any other apps will be open even if you set them and when you press and hold this button once, the YouTube application will open. This way you can set two applications on the back button of this mobile or three applications can be set. If you want to turn on such a back button.

 you must install an Android app. You will get the link to the application. Click on the link below to download the application. When the download is complete, first open it, then if you want permission, you will add every permission. After opening the application you will get the above three options single press action, long press action, double press action, you can set three applications of these three options or the first option has the back button set as default then set the two apps you need in the second two options. Take it. Long press action, click on that option, then another option can be seen below, click on launch other application application option.

 then the mobile application will open, select any application, select the third option in this way. In this way, after selecting three options, there is an option above all. Click on that option and turn it on. Then an extra back button will be launched on your mobile. You can customize the icon of that back button. You can give any design. Here you will find all kinds of options. Can be placed anywhere. I hope you understand your hobby. If there is any problem in understanding, watch our video well. Viewers We regularly post on our website a lot of technical and science blog SEO friendly so you can learn a lot about Android if you visit our website regularly. And know more tricks and tips. Download Apps

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